Update v. 1.01 is here!

As you know, we're still polishing the game. 
In the final phase of working on the game, we turned up the playability. The Invisibility power grants the player a new form of control, new ways to interact with enemies - for the duration of the power they become immobilized - like stone statues. And it gives more choice! You can use invulnerability and pass through the enemy, but sometimes it’s more effective to jump over them or find a gap to move through.

We tested this feature and wondered if it isn’t too revolutionary for Haxor, but that’s what makes this game such great fun, and in the last phase of development we marked the checkbox in the code: active special power! See how fun it is for yourselves!

Additionally, there is a [b]40% discount [/b]starting right now! Enjoy!


  • The Invisible power now has a special addon - the enemies are frozen for the duration of the power.
  •  Fixed Fulgur Dragon Boss - Head was not immortal in the first and second phase.
  • You can now jump on monster eggs to destroy them.
  • Fixed some level design issues.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Life now restores on each level.
  • Corrections in the amount of enemies HP.
  • Fixed Fulgur Hydra Boss
  • Save Reset Screen Fixed

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