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Just got the game. Pretty cool so far but I'm currently playing on a 4:3 monitor at the moment. Is there a way to change the screen size?

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Hi! Unfurtunatelly nope. Like in the old times, only 4:3 ;)

I see you winking there. lol So that means the game only plays in widescreen?


Hi, sorry for late reply and my mistake. For now, there is no option to change the resolution. 

a lot of the description sounds like the game might be a metroidvania, is it open world (for example somewhat freely going back and forth between the 4 areas), or is it linear sequential level based?

It's more linear. You can go back to the start but only on the current level. 

the golden source will prevail!


Very good game. 

thank you!


Looks like someone watched that MegaMan sequelitis ;)
Shut up and take my money!  <3