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Answer game! I like the stealth action part when the character need to avoid the enemy.

Does the Switch version included the prologue or not


Awesome prologue! Amazing art, fun gameplay and an intriguing story. I'm very much looking forward to the release of this one!

This was really cool! I'm a big fan of strategy RPGs, and this definitely scratched my itch while featuring some neat monster designs. The world itself seems really interesting, it has a lot of potential for a neat story. Art is VERY on point with both great character art and nice locations. Definitely recommend this one if you enjoy Xcom, Hard West, Wasteland 2, or Banner Saga. Props to the developers!

Seem like a great game, except that, I only get to act every other turn, whereas enemies get two turns in a row. And I have no idea what the outline is, sometimes I can move outside it, sometimes I can't. Seems really weird how I can't just give the enemies a wide berth.


Hi Scom! Sorry for the late reply - Alder's Blood release is just around the corner so everyone's are super busy those days.
Every action in game use some amount of stamina. Moving, attacking or reloading. And when a character has run out of stamina - he does that 'crunching' animation. TL;DR - you need to manage your stamina carefully. 
As for the outline - moving within the outline doesn't cost stamina. Moving outside of it - does.